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Personal Protection in the Home (CPL/CCW)
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This course meets all the State of Michigan's requirements needed to obtain certification for a Concealed Pistol License (CPL, also known as a CCW). Upon successful completion of this class, students will immediately recieve the NRA's Basic Personal Protection in the Home Course Completion certificate.
The goal of this course is to help students develop the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and effecient use of a firearm for protection of self and family, and to provide information on the law abdiing citizen's right to self-defense. The course length is approximately 8 hours and covered in one day, however class length may very depending on the size of each class, instructor/student ratio, and the needs of individual students.
You will find that our couse to be very informative and strictly adheres to the certified lesson plan designed by the NRA. The Personal Protection in the Home course outline is as follows:
Defensive Shooting
     ~Using a Fireram Responsibly and Ethically for Personal Protection
     ~Developing the Proper Mindset for using a firearm for Personal Protection
     ~The 4 levels of Mental Awareness
     ~Importance of Mental Preparation and Physical Training
Defensive Handgun Skills
     ~Range Safety Rules, Range Commands, and Rules for Storing a Handgun
     ~Various Types of Handgun Malfunctions
     ~Fundamentals Defensive Marksmanship & Defensive Accuracy
     ~Center of Mass and the Two-Handed Standing Shooting Positions
     ~Sighting, Flash Sight Picture, Point Shooting, and Accelerated Shots
     ~Cover and Concealment
     ~30 Rounds of Live Fire Target Qualification
Legal Issues or Firearm Ownership & the Use of Deadly Force
     ~This lesson is taught by an Attorney, well versed with Michigan Gun Laws
     ~Law on Purhasing, Owning, and Possessing a Handgun
     ~Michigan CPL/CCW Application Process and Denials

     ~The law regarding the use of deadly force, Duty to Retreat, & the Castle Doctrine
     ~The Legal Aftermath and Potential Criminal & Civil Actions following a Defensive Enconter
     ~Piston Free Zones
Strategies for Home Safety & Responding to a Violent Confrontation
     ~Strategies for Enhancing Personal Safety at Home and in Public
     ~Responding to a Potentially Life-Threatening Encounter
     ~Mental Preparation for a Violent Confrontation and the Aftermath
     ~Safe Storage of Your Personal Protection Handgun
Selecting a Handgun for Personal Protection
     ~Criteria for Selecting a Handgun & Ammunition for Self-Defense
     ~Knowledge of the Various Types of Ammunition, Power vs Over-Penetration
     ~Important Considerations for Choosing Your Personal Protection Handgun
Sports Shooting and Training
     ~Organizations, Clubs, and Businesses that may help Improve Personal Protection Skills.
     ~Methods of Dry Fire Practicing
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Requirements to Obtain a Concealed Pistol License Permit
Michigan's Concealed Pistol Law - FAQ's Michigan State Police
Concealed Pistol License - FAQ's
Wayne County Sheriff
Renewal Information
Federal Firearms Laws and Information
Online Application
for Concealed Pistol License - PDF format