Outline of the Process & Instructions for Obtaining a Michigan Concealed Pistol Licence (CPL aka CCW)

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The following information can be found on the Michigan State Police Website (michigan.gov/msp) under the permits section
Tips for Wayne County / City of Detroit Residents
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Information on Concealed Pistol License Application Kits
Concealed pistol application kits are free of charge to individuals who wish to apply for a license to carry a concealed pistol.

Concealed pistol application kits are provided during normal business hours by the following:
~ County Sheriffs
~ Local Police Agencies (Any Detroit Police Department Location)
~ County Clerks Office

Concealed pistol application kit includes the following:
~ Written procedure to obtain a concealed pistol permit
~ An Application Form
~ Written procedure to appeal and the appeal process form if denied a concealed pistol permit
~ Reference numbers for current pistol safety training entities
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The Application Process and Instructions
1. Take a Concealed Pistol Safety Training Course that meets the State of Michigan's requirements. Applicants must provide proof of pistol training and safety programs from a certified firearms instructor.
  ~ The NRA's "Personal Protection in the Home" course taught by Urban Reality: Personal Protection Training is nationally recognised and meets State of Michigan requirements.

2. Complete the concealed pistol license application form. DO NOT SIGN THE APPLICATION until you are instructed to do so by the County Clerk.
  ~ You can complete the application online by clicking the link to the left. Open or download the application from the Wayne County Sheriffs website. Download or Open, type info, then print.

3. Obtain a passport quality/sized photograph (1" by 1-1/4").

4. Applicant files their application in person at the Clerk's Office in the county in which the individual resides. Remember to file your application in the county where you CURRENTLY reside.
  ~ Complete filing of the application must include: 1) a COPY of your certificate of completion of the pistol safety training course, and 2) the passport quality photo.

5. Applicant must pay the County Clerk a fee of $105 at the time of filing. Make sure that your receive a receipt of payment, this is important and needed later on.

6. Applicant provides receipt and has fingerprints taken by sheriff department or a local police department. A state and federal fingerprint clearance is required. The local agency may charge an additional $15 for the taking of the fingerprints. Sheriff department or local police agency forwards fingerprints to the Michigan State Police for processing, now done electronically and instantly.

7. Once the county gun board receives the fingerprint comparison report, they will issue or deny the license application within 45 days.
Wayne County Residents can also visit the Wayne County Website that has information on the pistol permit process.
Requirements to Obtain a Concealed Pistol License Permit
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